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Owners  Aberdeen Mills in Scotland  Crescent Anchor Symbols  Kronshtadt port of St Petersburg  Russian Customs Seals
 AAAA  Aked's High Mill  Crimps and seal symbols  Lancaster & Lancashire  Saint Petersburg
 BBBB  Aked's High Mill - Whinny Hill 1816  Cromarty in Scotland  Little Patrick Seals up to 1816  Same Name Comparison
 CCCC  Aked's High Mill - Whinny Hill 1817  Cross Shields with Pellets  Little Patrick Seals 1817 - 1819  Scotland Mill at Adel in Leeds
 DDDD  Aked's High Mill - Whinny Hill 1818  Cross Owners full list  Little Patrick Seals 1820 & later  Shipping Baltic Voyages 1677 - 1893
 EEEE  Aked's High Mill - Whinny Hill 1819  Cyrillic  Liverpool & District  Shipping Local Coastal
 FFFF  Aked's High Mill - Whinny Hill 1820  DATABASE - All Inspectors  Malton and Norton  Spare picture storage
 GGGG  Arbroath Mills in Scotland  DATABASE - All Post Numbers  Memel City Port  Star Symbols on hemp
 HHHH  Archangel History & Local Mills  Dundee in Scotland  Menston Bleach Mill  Symbols used on seals
 IIII  Archangel Seals from the UK  Dutch Customs House Tax Seals  Moscow Exhibition & Emperors  T Symbols used on seals
 JJJJ  Archangel List of inspectors  Easingwold, Helmsley and Wass  Montrose  Terms used for Flax and Hemp
 KKKK  Archangel John Sullivan's book  Fife- John Sullivan's paper  Names - Individual  Tokens from West House Mill
 LLLL  Archangel VLED seals  Fish Key Symbols  Names - Modern Russian  Topsham in Devon
 MMMM  Bacharov - 1831 SPB S.3 & CTЛ.3  Flax production techniques  Narva Port in Estonia  Torpoint in Cornwall
 no N  Bar Symbols used on seals  Folly Ghyll Twine Mill  NE Fife` Cupar Museum  Towns is the Baltic Flax Trade
 OOOO  Bentham History & NP seals to 1825  Hanseatic League in the Baltic  Northern Ireland History & Mills  Towns in the English Flax Trade
 PPPP  Bentham Archangel & Cross Seals  Harrogate Museum  Numbers Only Seals  Towns in the Scottish Flax Trade
 no Q  Bentham NP seals 1826 to 1828  Hemp/Flax Post Numbers  Other Bag Seals - not Russian  Towns in the Scottish Flax Trade
 no Q  Bentham NP seals 1826 to 1828  Hemp Seal Rules  Owners/Agents List  Types of Seals
 RRRR  Bentham SPB seals after 1829  Hills & Whishaw Company  Paired Inspector seals  Ulverston and District Cumbria
 SSSS  Bentham СПБ seals after 1829  Home for Books  Penny Bridge Mills in Cumbria  Video History of Seal Finds
 TTTT  Bentham LOW Bentham Mill  How it all started at Bentham  Port, Flax & Hemp Inspectors PiLPD  Wales and Ruthin District
 no U  Bridport & West Port in Dorset  INDEX - Dictionary  Post Office Seals - War Department  West End Hemp Mill under reservoir
 VLED  Brompton in North Yorkshire  Inland Villages in Russia  Railway System, Buckles & Seals  West House Mill - Blubberhouses
 WWWW  Chester and Cheshire  Isle of Man  Riga - Black Balsam  West House Mill seals 1791 - 1813
 no X  Circular Dated Seals  Jews in the flax trade  Riga Crossed Keys Seals  West House Mill seals 1814
 YaYa  Colchester TH & MD Collection  Kinghorn in Scotland  Riga History and Customs Seals  West House Mill seals 1815 - 1838
 no Z  Crediton  Kirkham & Poulton le Fylde  Riga X Keys Tax Whitehaven
     Knaresborough in North Yorkshire  River & Sea Ports, X anchor/grapnel  WK, WU, CПБ, NP, P, SP, SPB


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