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 Aked High Mill - West End, North Yorkshire, Whiney Hill.

 Anchor and Grapnel Seals - used by river and sea ports .

 Archangel Port - Russia's first northern port on the White Sea. Archangel had a reputation for honest bracking so the English

  merchants preferred to buy here. Archangel also produced Vodka. Kildin on the Murman Coast dealt with furs not flax.

 Bentham Mills in North Yorkshire - The Bentham Hoard of 1400 seals - Links to Lancaster Maritime Museum

 Bleaching Tags - From Bentham and Menston

 Brompton Mills in North Yorkshire - Brompton and District.

 Circular Dated Seals how to read the dates on Circular Dated Seals
 Cross on Shield with pellets - Baltic States Crosslet Flax Seals
 Cyrillic Alphabet - The letters used on Russian flax bale seals are in Cyrillic and Latin (English)

 Dutch Customs House Tax Seals - an ever expanding list of the different Dutch Customs seals found in the UK

 Fife - An article by Professor John Sullivan on the early days of seal identification. We have come a long way.
 Flax - Flax Production Techniques - the How, What, When, Where, Which, Who and Why.
 Flax Ships - Baltic Flax Voyages 1677 - 1893 -  For UK Coastal Shipping click on here
 Folly Gill Twine Mill in Thornthwaite, North Yorkshire
 Hanseatic League - The Hanseatic League was early trading in the Baltic with Pirates, Black Plague and war.
 Hemp - Ged's rules on how to identify hemp seals, as opposed to flax seals. This isn't easy.
 Hills and Wishaw Company - in Archangel and St Petersburg
 How the PeacehavensProject was born with the finding of the PeaceHavens Hoard at Bentham Mills
 Jewish Connection - The Jewish connection to the flax and hemp trade in the Baltic States.
 Knaresborough and District - A large site with many different flax. hemp and symbol seal types
 Little Patrick Mill at West End, North Yorkshire - Flooded by Thruscross Reservoir

 Numbers Only Bale Seals - the list of known Numbers Only flax and hemp bale seals. Magnificent large seals.

 Other Common Bag Seals - for every single Russian flax bale seal found there are many thousand common bag seals.

 Paired Inspectors - Inspectors working in pairs, Master and Apprentices

 PiLPD Inspectors - Hemp and Flax Port Inspectors (dockside)

 Ports and Towns on the Baltic Sea and Europe - Dantzig, Elbing (Elblag), Gavle,  Goritsy, Konigsberg (Kaliningrad),

  Kronshtadt, Libau (Liepja), Lubeck,  Memel Port,, Moscow, Narva, Novgorod, Oudewater, Pernau (Parnu), Pillau  (Baltitsk),  Pskove, Revel (Tallinn), Riga, Rybinsk, St Petersburg, Tilsit, Visby, Vologda, Windau (Ventspils), Yaroslavl, Zyrardow.

 Ports and Towns of the England - Adel Scotland Mill, Beverley, Blubberhouses, Bridport, Colchester, Chester, Crediton,

  Easingwold, Exeter, Greenodd, Helmsley, Hull, Kirkham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Malton, Morecambe Bay, Newbury,

  Newcastle, Nidderdale, Penny Bridge, Poulton le Fylde, Preston, Scarborough, Torpoint , Ulverston, Wass

 Ports and Towns of the Isle of Man - Ballasalla, Glen Auldyn, Glen Roy, Tromode

 Ports and Towns of Northern Ireland - Belfast, Coagh, Coleraine, Donacloney, Glenaan, Moneymore, Upperlands,


 Ports and Towns of Scotland - Aberdeen, Arbroath, Brechin, Cromarty, Cupar, Dumfries, Dundee, Falkirk, Gourdon,

  Inverbervie, Inverness, Kilmahog, Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Montrose,,   North East Fife, Paisley, Perth, Portsoy,

 Ports and Towns of Wales - Ruthin,

 Post Office Seals - another list with General Post Office Seals & War Department Seals. Some unusual early seals here.

 Railway Systems - The Early Russian Railways

 Riga City - History and Crossed Keys seals -  Riga Black Balsam is the famous medicinal liquor

 Russian State Customs Arms Seals - The secret coding of customs seal dates revealed

 Symbols - the meaning of anchors, bars, caduceus, crescents, crosses, fishes, grapnels, keys, pliers, ship's hulls, stars, T's, etc. 

 Tax Coding - NP, P, SP, SPB, WK, WU were thought to be ports of despatch but signify flax or hemp tax paid seals.

 Terms used in the flax, hemp and textile trade -
 Types of Seals - this site outlines the different types of Russian bale seals - however it would be best to ask us to identify it.
 Unique Grading Systems for 1831 -   Bacharov S._3 - - -   Novogorodstov CTЛ3
 Video History - many hundreds of videos of the PeaceHavens team in action finding the seals shown on our sites.
 West End Low Hemp Mill, North Yorkshire - Flooded by Thruscross Reservoir
 West House Mills - a huge site at Blubberhouses in North Yorkshire with 18th/19th century Apprentice House Trading Tokens

 For a daily forum & discussion on Russian flax bale seals please visit or join our group on facebook The PeaceHavens Project

 For all types of Bag Seals which are not Russian flax bale seals join our companion group The Lead Bag Seal Identifier

  The End of Baltic Flax and Hemp Seal Grading System -  but trust in the Archangel grading remained until the 1900's
  The PeaceHavens Field Guide page 1-4   page 5-8   page 9-12   page 13-16   page 17-20   page 21-24


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Typical Types of Russian Flax and Hemp Bale Seals
Click on here for the link to all types of Russian Flax and Hemp Bale Seals



1806 - 1889

Baltic States

18th - 19th Century

Riga Cross Keys
18th - 19th Century

Arms Customs Seals

19th Century

(ЛД=LD) NP Flax

1754 - 1828

(ДA=DA) WK Flax

(with WU) 1754 - 1828

(ЛД=LD) SPB Flax

1829 - 1850

 (ЛД=LD) CПБ Flax

1829 - 1850

RH Rein Hemp

1737 - 1747

(ПД=PD) SPB Hemp

SP, SPB   1740 - 1828

 (ПД=PD) CПБ Hemp

1829 - 1841

ПИЛПД (Hemp)

SPB, CПБ  1829 - 1841

Numbers Only Seals

Flax & Hemp 1747 - 1761

Paired Inspectors

Early 19th Century

Hills & Wishaw

Vologda Region 1860's

T, Star & Crescent

1770 - 1792

Circular Dated Seals

Russian Crosslet Seals

Pavlov Stars

19th C.   St Petersburg

Hands of Friendship

19th C.   St Petersburg

Inland Trading Seal

18th/19th Century

Dutch Customs

18th/19th Century

Railroad Seals

19th Century

Soviet Gostorg

20th Century


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aka PeaceHavens Project
Click here for the terms
of free copy & share &
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