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 Russian Railway Seals

 СТ. = СТАНЦ. = СТАНЦИЯ = Station  /////   Ж.Д = Zh.D = Railroad

SKLAD (CKЛAД) is a Transport Depot or Railway Warehouse





b-2023 Russian locomotive.

 One of the oldest locomotives in Russia, being built

in 1897 by Kolomna Works for the Vladikavkaz.

 It was used until the mid-1980’s in Grozny.



The Russian railway system merged nearly 20 major railway lines in the second half of the 19th century. Goods were transported in special sealed packages or even sealed wagons. The arrival of the railways diverted huge quantities of goods away from the smaller flax exporting ports in favour of the direct overland transportation to Germany. Seals have been found throughout the UK but not in any great number.

   The principal commodities for the export trade via St Petersburg were iron, copper, hemp, first, second and third sort flax, codilla, cordage, tallow and tallow candles, wax and wax candles, soap, potash, hemp seed oil, linseed oil, isinglass, tobacco leaves, horse hair, treacle, bristles, Muscovy leather, sole leather, tar, pitch, linen yarn, mats, feathers and down, wool, caviar, tea, hops, horsetails, hare skins, Morocco bear skins, calve skins, deals, spars, quills, hats, ox and deer tongues, glass of different kinds, sailcloth, ravenduck, drillings, different kinds of napkin cloth, wheat, rye, linseed, flems, linen of different sorts, ox and cow horns and bones, and other lesser goods.


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Name of Village (Selo)

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Name of Owner or Company

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2 IЮH 15



   RR01 Station Sudzhenka .. 2nd June 1915 .. .. .. .. .. Tomsk Railroad.. F314 .. №1

RR02 CT.
26 HOЯ 15

   RR02 Station Poltava .. 26th November 1909 .. .. .. .. Moscow-Kiev-Vorenezh-Railway.. A38 .. №1


26 ABГ 1903

A 767



   RR03 Station Taganash .. 26th August 1903 .. .. Control .. A 767 .. Kursk-Kharkov-Sebastopol-Railway


no photo

?? ?? ??

 no photo

K 18?



   RR04 Station Plastunovka . (no date) .  K 18? .  Ж.Д = ЖEЛEЗHAЯ ДOPOГA . Vladikavkaz Railroad


 no photo

28. V. 75

 no photo

C 35

GMcA 03


   RR05 (Station) Ziabk .. 28th May 1875 .. Headquarters .. C 35 .. Poliskie-Koloege-Panstwowe Polish State Railway


FEB 09

Ж 34
№ 2

Richard Bell

    RR06  Station VERKHOV'E (Verkhoyansk) .. 14th Feb 1909 ... Yugo-Vostochnaya-Railway  .. Zh 34 .. No2

    YuGO-ВОСТОЧНАЯЖЕПЕЗНО ДОРОЖНЫЙ     South Eastern Railroad


C = Selo = village
CT = Station

Shpola Village Station

ЮЗ / ЖД = Yu.Z.Zh.D


South Western Railroad

10th Sept 1890 - 908 tag

Dave Clarke



  Shpola Village Station (Ukraine Russian Empire) -  tag 908 ..  ... 10th September 1890

  YuGO-ЗАПАДНЫЙ ЖЕПЕЗНО ДОРОЖНЫЙ     South Western Railroad






   RR08  РЫБ-БОЛОГ- Ж.Д = Rybinsk-Bologoe Railroad / RYBINSK city / No 4 ///  dated 31st January 1886


Р Д Ж Д 




Gary Smith


   RR09  Р Д Ж Д  is Riga - Daugavpils Railroad  / ОГEP is Oger town (Ogre in Latvia)  ///  dated 22nd August 1883


A 1 4 8
Tosno Railway Station
St Petersburg to Moscow

13 V Б / Б.Ж.Д
13 May (B) / Baltic Railroad




30 IЮН 13

С.ЗАП (North Western)
Д411 (tag number)
Ж.Д. (Railroad)


(Revel) Tallinn

  СТАНЦИЯ (30 IЮН 13) ПОСТЬ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ = STATION (30 JUN 1913) POST DVIGATEL was the Carriage Building Works at Revel, (now Tallinn) in Estonia which was opened in 1897 by Czar Nicholas II and employed 8000 workers.  С.ЗАП = СЕВЕРО-ЗАПАДНЫЙ  = North Western / Д411 = tag number /  Ж.Д. = ЖЕПЕЗНО ДОРОЖНЫЙ = Railroad



* 1927 *



After the Danish conquest in 1219, the town was known in the German, Swedish and Danish languages as Reval (Russian Revel)

 and was replaced as Tallinn after Estonia became independent in 1918.  At first both forms Tallinna and Tallinn were used.


(transport depot)






(a rivet seal)

Ворожба (Vorozhba) Ukraine
ЮЖД South Railroad



Vorozhba [Ворожба; Vorožba]. A city on the Vyr River in Bilopillia raion, Sumy oblast. It was settled by peasants from Right-Bank Ukraine. It was first mentioned in a historical document in 1653. The city is a railway junction. Most of its inhabitants work in transportation, and its metalworking plants serve the needs of the railway industry.


Н.Ж.Д  (N.ZH.D)

Nikolaevskaya Railroad

Commodity Service




Ч.Ж.Д.  (Ch.ZH.D)



  Possibly Chita Railroad on the Trans Siberian Railway.  After the construction of the railway in 1900, Chita became a large transportation juncture and industrial center of Zabaikalye region in Eastern Siberia.. located 6,200 km from Moscow.


*М.В.Р*.Ж.Д  (M.V.R.ZH.D)







 Moskovsko-Vindavo-Rybinsky Railroad - Tsarskoselskaya Line Supply. Vitebsky Railway Station (formerly St. Petersburg, Tsarskoselsky, Moskovsko-Vindavo-Rybinsky Line, and Detskoselsky Railway Station). The wooden building of Tsarskoselskaya Railway Station was constructed in August-September 1837 by architect K.A. Ton, near the crossing of Zagorodny Avenue and Vvedensky Canal.  The first Russian train left the station on October 30,1837. In 1849-51 a stone railway station building was built in its place. In 1987, a model of the Provorny locomotive, which made the first railway trip in Russia from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoe Selo in 1837, was installed in a specially built glass pavilion on one of Vitebsky Railway Station platforms. Vitebsky Railway Station serves destinations in the Russian south.


*М.В.Р.Ж.Д.  (M.V.R.ZH.D)





   Sborov (Zborov) is a municipality in the Prešov Region of north-east Slovakia at the southern end of the М.В.Р.Ж.Д. railroad.


DENGOFOVKA (station)

ЮЗ / ЖД = Yu.Z.Zh.D


South Western Railroad

15th Oct 1902 - 930 tag

Kevin Pearce

Coventry Area

  ДЕНГОФОВКА (DENGOFOVKA) the name of a railway station about 100km south of Kiev in Ukraine


М.Ж.Д  (M.Zh.D)

16 // IV
16th APRIL




М.Ж.Д  (M.Zh.D)

18 // IV
18th APRIL




Station Monchin, Ukraine

ЮЗ / ЖД = Yu.Z.Zh.D


South Western Railroad

24th Nov 1911 - 908 tag





Station Elizabethgrad

South Western Rail Road
27 II (February) 1906

tag number 908

James Venton



*CT. ЕЛCИАВЕТГРАДЪ is ST. ELISAVETGRAD presently called Kropyvnyc'ky, a city in central Ukraine on the Inhul river.


4АПР902 (4 Apr 1902)


(KONTROL number E715)



   1902 Imperial Russia REVEL Railroad Inventory Control Seal  (Baltic Railroad)



TURMONT (Turmantas)

(20 May 1929)

220 / P.K.P.
(Polskie Koleje Panstwowe)
Polish State Railway



  Turmont is Polish for Turmantas,  a town in the Zarasai district municipality of Lithuania.  Located on the border

 with Latvia, it is a railway station on the Warsaw – Saint Petersburg Railway. The village was known since 1798

 and it began growing after the completion of the railway in 1862.  Wilenska is the station terminus in Warsaw.



Oktyabrskaya Railway
October Railway
tag number  Г (G) 197


 N 1

 PES Station № 1

October Railway
Novgorod region

St Petersburg

RR24 Станция Песь, Октябрьская ЖД is Station Pes on the October Railway - Октябрьская железная дорога


Pskov/Riga Railway click on a Thumbnail to enlarge the photos.

Riga - Tuckumer

Bahnohof Station

Rauna River

24 September 1887

Tartu Station

May 1888

Zemitani Station

June 12 1889

Pechory Station

June 16 1889

Valga Station

August 1889

Valga Depot

April 30 1890

Valmiera Station

May 24 1890

Pskov II station

August 1890

Voru Station

August 11 1890

Cesis Station

September 15 1890

A railway carriage

in 1877


 There are lots of good quality Russian and East European Railway Seals to be found on eBay .. too many to list here ...










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1877 Customs Guards, Porters

Railway Guards, Rural Police,

Interior of Railway Carriage.

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Belarus Railroad  БЕЛ.Ж.Д

(Белорусская железная дорога)

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List of Russian Railway Companies and Stations

Click on the "Cyrillic" Railway Company for the list of stations it services.

  Россия (Russia)

 Горьковская железная дорога        Gorkovskaya Railway

 Крымская железная дорога           Crimean Railway

 Московская железная дорога         Moscow Railway

 Северная железная дорога           Northern Railway

 Якутская железная дорога           Yakut Railway


 Эстония (Estonia)

 Эстонская железная дорога          Estonian Railway


 Грузия (Georgia)

 Грузинская железная дорога         Georgian Railway


 Азербайджан (Azerbaijan)


 Кыргызстан (Kyrgyzstan)

 Кыргизская железная дорога         Kyrgyz Railway


 Туркменистан (Turkmenistan)


 Беларусь (Belarus)

 Белорусская железная дорога        Belarusian Railway


 Украина (Ukraine)

 Донецкая железная дорога           Donetsk Railway

 Львовская железная дорога          Lviv Railway

 Одесская железная дорога           Odessa Railway

 Юго-Западная железная дорога       Southwestern Railway

 Южная железная дорога              South Railway


 Молдова (Moldova)

 Молдавская железная дорога         Moldovan Railway


 Литва (Lithuania)

 Литовская железная дорога          Lithuanian railway


 Латвия (Latvia)

 Латвийская железная дорога         Latvian Railway


 Казахстан (Kazakhstan)

 Казахская железная дорога          Kazakh Railway


 Узбекистан (Uzbekistan)

 Узбекская железная дорога          Uzbek Railway


 Армения (Armenia)

 Армянская железная дорога          Armenian Railway


 Таджикистан (Tajikistan)

 Таджикская железная дорога         Tajik Railway



Railroad Company Regional Belt Buckles

( Ж:Д = Zh.D = ЖЕПЕЗНО ДОРОЖНЫЙ = Railroad )  Russian Railroads

Click on a buckle to enlarge the photo - then use your return button to come back to the list.

Russian Regional Railway Buckles have the Russian State Double Eagle with an Axe and an Anchor or Grapnel.

Ordinary buckles do not have these.

Axe & Anchor


Russian Loco








Alexander Railroad

 AL.ZhD  АЛ.Ж.Д Alexander Railroad is a State-owned railway, on the territory of Moscow, Smolensk, Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno provinces of Russia and connects Moscow industrial district on the western boundary and the western European states. The main line Moscow - Brest (movement opened in 1871), Lihoslavl - Vyazma, (1888), Brest - Zhabinka (1896 ). The rolling stock 469 locomotives, 6132 freight and 580 passenger cars. The jurisdiction of the road were railway workshops in Moscow and Minsk. On the road 698 artificial structures, including 135 metal bridges were built; operated gas plant in Moscow; 18 schools and on electrical courses conducted training of Road owned Joint Stock Company Moscow-Brest Railway (formed at the confluence of the Moscow- Smolensk and Smolensk - Brest railways). In 1912 renamed the Alexander railway (in honour of the emperor in connection with the 100th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812). In May 1918, the road transferred to the People's Commissariat. At the beginning of 1991 it was part of the Belarusian Railways.




Baltic Railroad


 B.ZhD  Б.Ж.Д Baltic Railroad. Petersburg connects with the ports and the Baltic port of Reval , freezing for a short time , and also has several branches . The length of the line is as follows: 1) Home from St. Petersburg to Revel , through Ligovo , Gatchina and Narva. 2) From Revel to the Baltic ports. 3) from the station Tosna on Nikolaev railway to Gatchina. 4 ) from the station Ligovo to Oranienbaum through Peterhof. 5) From Tapsiev to Dorpat - First built was Stieglitz road from Petersburg to Peterhof, and then formed a joint stock company, which acquired the line and built the rest. On the main line and branch Tosnensky is very large freight service; the latter gives the Baltic cargo train direct access to the Nikolaev railway bypassing Petersburg. Particularly strong traffic on the Baltic railway from November to April, when the St. Petersburg port is closed to navigation. Baltic road was until 1889 a lot of reverse goods, E. from the port into the country, because the rate it was in this direction gave lots of tariffs used as works by the Estonian province. Coming to St. Petersburg and in the interior provinces , especially as they were beneficial for the transport of alcohol , potatoes and livestock . Oranienbaum branch is very busy in the summer passenger traffic, freight traffic is insignificant; Dorpat on the site there is no significant movement . The same can be seen and on the site of Revel-Baltic port into a large part of the year; no navigation and Revel freezes. By January 1, 1889 capital guaranteed shares was 26 390 thousand Rub. The road has 135 locomotives, 292 passenger and 2,661 freight cars.






Catherine Railroad


 EE.ZhD  ЕЕЖД  (ЕКАТЕРИНИНСКАЯ) Catherine Railroad ( breech ) - is the East Railroad in many respects, the same appointment as Donetsk passing through an area rich in coal and iron ore , transporting them to the big cities and the neighboring railway stations. East Railway has a length of 472 miles and consists of two lines , having a general direction from west to east. The first connects the stations of Dolinsky Harkovo-Nikolaev railway (also breech ) with the city of Ekaterinoslav and the Dnieper River . The second is separated from the city by only a small branch Lozovo - Sevastopol railway (from Ekaterinoslav to Sinelnikov ) , and then goes from the last station to station Harcizskoye Kursko-Kharkiv-Azov Railroad . The main benefit of East railway is that it incorporates a large city and a large navigable river . Krivoy Rog Ore goes to plants via the East Railroad through Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, coupled with one of the best Black Sea ports.  Construction of the East railway was decided in the summer of 1880 but hasty construction of Railroad meant payment to farmers affected by crop failure.

ЕЖД    ЕЖД 1871    ЕЕЖД



 KhN.ZhD  ХНЖД Харьков-Николаев

 Kharkov-Nikolaev Railroad- a total length of 1196 kilometres and consists of four main areas: Elisavetgrad (main line), Nikolaev, Sumy Romny and from driveways: Akhtyrsky, Lebedinsky, Hadiach and Konstantinograd.



 KКhS.ZhD  KХСЖД Kursk Kharkiv Sevastopol Railroad (Курск Харьков Севастополь)

Kursk-Kharkov-Sevastopol railway belongs to the treasury but was built privately. The construction cost 203 million rubles in 1869-75 and was opened to traffic in 1891 and moved to treasury control. Ch. line: Kursk-Kharkiv-Lozova Lozova-Sevastopol, Donetsk land.

 Well. Dzhankoi-Feodosia,  Kerch-Vladislavovka. 1904 gross income was 27.8 million rubles,, operational costs 18.5 mil. R.; giving a clear. income of  9.2 million rubles.  In 1903 it transported 3240 tonnes of passengers and 706 mil. pounds cargo including 186 million pounds of stone, coal, 58 mil. pounds of bread, 41 mil. pounds of salt, and others a s a means of freight traffic. Stations: Kursk. Kharkiv, Merefa, Lozovaya, Sinelnikovo and Junko


 Кронштадская крепостная

Kronstadt Fortress

 KR.ZhD  КР.ЖД Kronstadt Fortress Railway is a railway network that existed on the island of Kotlin from the 1860s until the end of the 20th century and performed transport functions on the territory of the Kronstadt fortress. Railroad tracks on the island appeared in the 1860s. There was a very strange feature: the Port and the factory warehouses were different gauge from 600 mm to 1250 mm between the forts.

  Originally the railway track was narrow gauge with trolleys moved manually.  Since 1891, at the city port there was a narrow gauge railway length of 26 kilometres. The Fortress Railroad had a length of 16.5 kilometres with four stations and four locomotives. By 1917, there were 11 stations on both roads.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge

 The rail web is inside the city

 in the Northern Barracks

 L.R.ZhD  Л.Р.ЖД  Lybavo Romensky Railroad  (Либаво Роменская)
 K.V.ZhD  К.В.ЖД  China Eastern Railroad (Китайско Восточная)

М.В.Р.Ж.Д  (M.V.R.ZH.D) Moskovsko Vindavo Rybinsky Railroad.

 Moskovsko-Vindavo-Rybinsky Railroad - Tsarskoselskaya Line Supply. Vitebsky Railway Station (formerly St. Petersburg, Tsarskoselsky, Moskovsko-Vindavo-Rybinsky Line, and Detskoselsky Railway Station). The wooden building of Tsarskoselskaya Railway Station was constructed in August-September 1837 by architect K.A. Ton, near the crossing of Zagorodny Avenue and Vvedensky Canal.  The first Russian train left the station on October 30,1837. In 1849-51 a stone railway station building was built in its place. In 1987, a model of the Provorny locomotive, which made the first railway trip in Russia from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoe Selo in 1837, was installed in a specially built glass pavilion on one of Vitebsky Railway Station platforms. Vitebsky Railway Station serves destinations in the Russian south.


 M.K.N.ZhD  М.К.Н.ЖД Moscow-Kursk & Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod Muromskaya railroad

(Москов Курская Нижегородская)    Breech with Management in Moscow.

It consists of lines:. Kursk, Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod .. Murom. Since 1894 it is connected to control two lines essentially different in character movement, the history of construction and so on. G. M-Kursk and Moscow- Nizhny Novgorod (the latter with a compound of Murom was a little early). M-Kursk railway. etc. -. a part of the main line from Moscow to the Black Sea, which became the first Russian railway network. e., the construction of which was transferred to the main public in 1857, but they failed. After that the British received a concession for the line Moscow - Sevastopol. It was untenable. the Treasury began in 1864 to build a line from Moscow to Kursk.

 In 1869 it was sold to Moscow capitalists, on very favourable conditions for the latter. They formed the company MM-Kursk rail which owned line until 1893, when it was bought by the Treasury. M-Kursk railway was predominantly grain cargoes, and sugar. Forestry loads are significant only near Moscow. In recent years, joined by loads of cotton and tea coming from Sevastopol and Odessa to Moscow. Otherwise mainly all kinds of iron, the manufacturing and groceries . One of the first in Russia . Very large passenger traffic , due to the density of population along the line.

 M.Ya.A.ZhD  М.ЯА.ЖД Московско-Ярославско-Архангельская

 Moscow-Yaroslavl-Archangel Railroad


 no info




 N.ZhD Н.ЖД Nikolaevskaya Railroad (Hиколаевская)


  The Saint Petersburg to Moscow Railway runs for 649.7-kilometre (403.7 mi) through four oblasts: Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver and Moscow. It is a major traffic artery in the north-west region of Russia, operated by the October Railway subdivision of Russian Railways.
Nicholas I of Russia, after whom the railway and the termini were named between 1855 and 1923, on 1 February 1842 issued an ukase ordering its construction. It was built by serfs with heavy loss of life, a fact bemoaned by Nikolay Nekrasov in his well-known poem The Railway. The line was finally opened on 1 November 1851 after almost 10 years of construction and a great deal of financial machinations. The first passenger train left St Petersburg at 11:15 and arrived in Moscow at 21:00 the next day. When completed, the line was the longest double-track railway in the world.



 OKT. ЖД Октябрьская (Octoker Railway) see Октябрьская железная дорога


 P.ZhD  П.ЖД Polesskye Railroad (Полесские)

 POL.ZhD  ПОЛЖД  Poltavskaya Railroad (Полтавская)



 R.O.ZhD  Р.О.ЖД  Riga-Orjol Railroad -

 R.O.ZhD  Р.О.ЖД  Roslavl-Orel Railroad (Рославль- Орловская) -

  R.U.ZhD  РУЖД  Ryazan - Ural Railroad






 Yu.Z.Zh.D  Ю.З.Ж.Д. South Western Rail Road

Ukrainian regions


Northern Railroad.

(СТРАЖНИКЬ = Warder)

 S.ZhD С.Ж.Д Northern Railroad brings together a network of roads in the north and northeast European part of the USSR.  Operational length (1974) 5599 km formed through the merger of three former roads: Yaroslavl,  North, Pechora.  The first section - Alexandrov - Vologda - was built in 1870 - 1872; in 1898 - a narrow-gauge line from Vologda to Arkhangelsk (in 1916 due to the increased flow of imported goods has been transferred to a normal track). Magistral. Cherepovets - Vologda - Bui - Galic - Candle built in 1905; Kotlas in 1899 on the river Northern Dvina was connected to the railway network through Kirov (Vyatka) - Perm. As part of the C rail.. 8 departments: Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Shuyskoe, Vologda, Nyandoma, Solvychegodsk, Sosnogorsk and Vorkuta. Bordered by the October railway. with stations Malenga, Costa and Sonkovo.; with the Moscow railway. . stations and Alexandrov Bel'kovo; with Gorky railway. etc. -. the stations Novki, Candle and Susolovka located. Main line: Meridian - Alexandria (north of Moscow) - Yaroslavl - Danilov - Vologda - Arkhangelsk (1025 km); latitude - Costa - Cherepovets - Vologda - Bui - Galic - Candle (632 km) - is part of the country's total highway linking Moscow and Leningrad with the Middle Urals (Perm, Sverdlovsk); north-eastern highway (1561 km) - from station to Konosha Kotlas - Ukhta and Vorkuta (with a branch from the station to the Chum Labytnangi, on the River Ob, 195 km.). The important Obozerskaya line - Malenga, in particular for the transportation of iron ore from the Kola Peninsula in the Cherepovets plant. It provides the shortest way from the northern parts of the October railway. D S.W.D, which serves the Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo Region and the Komi ASSR, part of Vladimir, Kirov, Tyumen and Kalinin region. The road interacts with the water transport: on the White Sea, the Northern Sea Route and p. Northern Dvina ( Arkhangelsk, Kotlas), on p. Volga (Art. Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Kineshma), at p. Vychegda (Aikino station), at p. Pechora (Pechora station), at p. Obi (Labytnangi station), at p. Sukhona (Vologda station), at p. Sheksna (Cherepovets station).


 SeV.ZhD  СѢВЖД Northern Railroad (Северные)


  SZ.ZhD  С-З.Ж.Д  North Western Railroad СЕВЕРО-ЗАПАДНЫЙ


  SZAL.ZhD  С-ЗАП.Ж.Д  North Western Railroad.




 TASHK.ZhD  ТАШКЖД (ТАШКЕНТСКАЯ Ж Д.) Tashkent Railroad  the main road connecting the Central Asian republics to the European part of the Union; It consists of a latitudinal line Ziadin - Ursatevskaya - Kokand Kokand-ring Gorchakov-Uch-Kurgan Andijan - Namangan - Kokand, rising to the north-Tashkent-line Ursatevskaya Dzhusaly and several branches. Ziadin Line - Samarkand was the final portion of the so-called. Transcaspian military train... a striking example of the colonial policy of tsarism - built by troops in difficult arid desert conditions to consolidate military and political domination over the "conquered" of the Kokand Khanate, Khiva and Bukhara; new lines were constructed in order to take out of the colonial raw material possessions of cotton, fruit and so on., and imported textiles.




 Us.ZhD  УсЖД (Уссурийской)  Ussuri Railroad

 The traditional name for the southern part of the Far East Russia. A large part of the region is located in the basin of the Ussuri and includes the southern part of the mountains of the Sikhote-Alin, Khanka plain and the surrounding mountain ranges to the south [ 1 ] . Some correspond to the borders of modern Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai of the Russian Federation. At the end of the XIX century in the Russian Empire was the name of the area between the rivers Ussuri, Sungacha, Khanka Lake on one side and the coast of the Tatar Strait and the Sea of ​​Japan - on the other hand, is located on the territory of the administrative Ussuri, Ussuri and South districts of Primorye region



Catherine Railroad

  VE.ZhD BЕЖД Catherine Railroad is the State railway, built in 1882-1904. It passed by terrerritories of Kharkov, Kherson , Taurida , Ekaterinoslav provinces , of the Don Host. Connecting the Donetsk coal basin with the Krivoi Rog and the Southwestern edge . Contribute to the development of the fuel and metallurgical base in the south of Russia , provided the export of coal and iron ore in the domestic and foreign markets . Main line : Rostov- on-Don - Gorlovka (movement opened in Debaltsevo - Zverevo and Debaltsevo - Mariupol (1882 ); Yasinovataya - Sinelnikovo - LOTS - Dolinskaya (1884 ); Dolgintsevo- Verkhivtseve, Debaltsevo - Millerovo Chaplin - Berdyansk (1898 ); Debaltsevo - Kupyansk (1901 ) , Dolgintsevo- Volnovaha (1904 ) . The road served as the highest in Russia in the early 20th century, the cargo turnover ( approx. 390 billion . OMP - vents ), carrying up to 12 million Passengers ( 1913). Net income up 10 % of the share capital (126.7 million Rub. in 1913 ). On the road, a lot of artificial facilities built , including 15 - flyover two-level combined bridge across the Dnieper River in Ekaterinoslav and 5 - flovers the metal bridge over the Ingulets (projects Belelyubsky NA ) , opened 18 schools, several hospitals . The rolling stock was 1,250 locomotives , 37,072 freight and 995 passenger cars. Repair and maintenance were carried out in the railway workshops in Yekaterinoslav (the largest in Russia ) on Yasinovataya station , Avdeevka , Debaltsevo and others . In 1905-07, the road workers involved in the creation Lyubotinskoy republic . In May 1918, transferred to the People's Commissariat Road . In 1991 the road lines are part of Donetsk , Odessa , Dnieper , South-East , South railways


ЮЖД   South Railroad


 Yu.ZhD  ЮЖД South Railroad (Южная) is one of the main Ukrainian railways.. Connecting the central regions of the Union with the Crimea, the Caucasus and Donbas is performed via Kursk - Kharkiv - Lozova - Sinelnikovo, communication of Leningrad to the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Donets Basin and the Dnipro territory - GEST - Kharkiv and Vorozhba - Lyubotin - Merefa-Lozovaya; Minsk with Dnipro territory and Nikolayev - line Bakhmach - Romodan - hook; Donbass with the western part of Ukraine - line Lozova - Poltava - Romodan. Kharkov node - the most important in the south then and one of the largest on the net. has undergone major reconstruction in the first five years; at the same building the semi-circle line, bypassing the node: Bezlyudovka - Mohnach, linking the core (the largest network in the marshalling yard) with Kupyansk direction, and in 1935 built the line Shpakovka - New Bavaria, gave a more convenient isolation of the flow direction of Leningrad. By meridian lines moving powerful transit cargo flow in the north to Moscow and Leningrad nodes (mainly coal, metals and building materials) and the reverse in the south (wood, machinery and consumer goods). South railway serves Kharkov, Poltava, Chernihiv and partially Dnipropetrovsk region. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and a part of the Kursk region. In the area of ​​South railway. is located very many enterprises processing products for the food industry: sugar mills, breweries, vegetable oils. etc. It is bordered on the north by Moscow-Kiev (Bakhmach, Vorozhba, Lgov) and Belarus (Bakhmach) g. e., in the northwest and west by South West rail. d. (Bakhmach, Romodan), in the northeast Well with. d. im. Dzerzhinsky (Lgov, Kursk), on the south by the Odessa (Kryukov) and Stalin then. d. (Konstantinograd, Pavlograd Sinelnikovo), on the east by the North Donetsk (Bezlyudovka, Chuguev, Prikolotnoe) and the South of Donetsk railway. d. (Pavlograd, Lozova). The operational length - 2509 km. The turnover is dominated by transit. The main cargoes loading: beet, mineral building materials, grain, sugar, ferrous metals. On the way to Kharkov from the Red Estuary - the most powerful cargo movement in the USSR.


 YuZ.ZhD  ЮЗЖД  South Western Railroad  (ЮГО-ЗАПАДНЫЙ)    list of stations on the SW Railroad




 ЗКЖДЗ  Transcaspian

Military Railroad


 ZK.ZhD  ЗКЖД Transcaspian Sinelnikovo and Junko Military Railroad (Закаспийская) is a military train joining Uzun Ada on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea to Samarkand. In 1880, when arming Akhal-Teke expedition, due to the inability harvested in sufficient numbers and conservation until the end of the expedition camels for transportation of heavy loads detachment of the Caspian Sea to the oasis of Akhal-Teke was excited question on the construction of Yellow railroad on the east. Caspian coast. Sea to Molla-kara, which was completed in 10 days (from August 25th. on Sept. 4.). November 25, 1880.  Despite the enormous difficulties in climatic conditions, water supply, and in general in the works that have been made in Nezamirennoy and desert country during the war, the site of Molla-kara before Kyzyl-Arvat was built very quickly from Sept. 4. 1880 work began - and 4 September. 1881 locomotive reached Kyzyl-Arvat. This entire section of the West railroad has been built for military purposes, but has caused the opening of Pacification.  The ensuing disagreement then with England, war against the Afghans, joining Merv oasis, as well as commercial and industrial considerations led to the further continuation of the Transcaspian railway V. April 20, 1885 to Amu Darya; laying of sleepers and rails from Kyzyl-Arvat was launched July 12, 1885 g .; November 29 the same year, the locomotive reached Ashkhabad, distant from Kyzyl-Arvat at 205, 2 June 1886 -. Merv and then passing the most difficult stretch of road through dry and volatile sands of the Karakum desert, November 30, 1886 and in Feb 26. 1888 the train reached Bukhara, and on May 15 of the same year - Samarkand


 (Закавказская) Transcaucasian Railroad

 ZKV.ZhD  ЗКВЖД Transcaucasian Railroad (Закавказская) to January 1. 1894 consisted of the

 Batum main line to  Baku and branches: 1) Samtredi - Poti. 2) Rion - Kutaisi - Tkvibuli. 3) Mihailovo - suras. 4) Shoropan - Chiatura. 5) Baku - Surakhani - Poti - Tbilisi opened in 1871-73 years, Tbilisi - Samtredi Baku - Batum - in 1883. The branch connecting Kutaisi with the main line, continue to coal mines in 1887, and the Shoropan line - Chiatura open in 1893. edging the Black Sea, and then, gradually moving away from it, in the east to the station. Samtredi, where it joins with the line that goes to Poti.  Samtredi Zion is on the river valley and gorges of its tributaries (until 1890 - in Surami Pass, the highest point of which -. 3055 ft), enters into the valley. Crosses the Georgian Military Highway near the station. Mtskheta and Tbilisi passes, leaving the district. Kuru near the station. Yevlakh, by the steppe plains of Eastern. Transcaucasia to Baku. To increase the carrying capacity due to the difficulty of movement through the pass between the Art. Malito and Mikhailov in 1890 (16 Sept) opened Suramsky tunnel. The most significant in Russia. The greatest rise or slope on the road - the smallest radius of curvature - branches). The road was of great importance to the exploitation of natural resources and the Caucasus,  (kerosene, permanganic ores, bread, licorice root, and so on. p.), brought closer relations with Europe Caucasus. Russia. Oil products account for 62% of all low-speed freight which hinders the successful transport of other goods.  The road became the property of the Treasury in August 1889


Since 1868, there is a railway connection between Voronezh and Moscow.

Rail services form a part of the South Eastern Railway of the Russian Railways.

Vorozhba (Ukrainian: Ворожба) is a city in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine. Population is 8,384 (2001).

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