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The PeaceHavens Project

High Aked Mill History



The purpose of this page is to show the history of High Aked Mill and  the first seal found by Ged Dodd on 13th September 2013 in the Stables field, and then it took 12 months to find the lost Aked seals at Whinny Hill field.


  Aked's High Mill boasted three waterwheels, two on the upper section and one on the lower level .. all fed by Aked's Dam high up on the moor via Harry's dam, which now boasts a new water turbine for electric power. Aked's Mill also had a steam engine.


Aked's dam was deliberately breached after the closure of the mill to remove the water which could have posed a serious threat to West End Village in the event of an earthquake. It is now a dry heather-coated moor land.

  The building in the Whinny Hill field was the Gatehouse to High Aked Mill on Duke's lane. Deliveries of bales were checked on their way in to the mill and the retted fertiliser refuse with seals attached was returned from the mill and it was spread on Whinny Hill field. The horses had to return anyway after delivery so it killed two birds with one stone.  



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