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 Warning - Some of these sites fall within the remit of Menwith Hill Base who have military police touring the lanes around the complex with an eye out for any intruders, terrorists or sheep rustlers. Park your car in a prominent position and get permission to be on the land. All farmers report any unknown vehicles.


The Extent of PeaceHavens Searches

 before Ged Dodd had to very reluctantly retire and pass on the knowledge.


Sites still to produce seals - Links


     The purpose of this page.  Here is the extent of Ged Dodd's searches for flax bale seals in this part of North Yorkshire. Some sites produced hundreds of seals and other promising sites produced none. Hopefully the information here may enable you to find the lost seals,

  These links are a step by step explanation of the seals in the PeaceHavens Collection which helped rewrite the books on Russian Flax Bale Seals.


Known Mill sites yet to produce seals.

 01  Croft House Flax Mill.*
 02  Low Hemp Mill - under Thruscross Reservoir.*
 03  Low Hemp Mill - around Thruscross Reservoir.*
 04  Darley Mill with water wheel - Brightwater Flax Mill.*
 05  Fringill - Menwith with Darley.*
 06  Nidderdale - New York Mill. *
 07  Nidderdale - Glasshouses Mill. *
 08  Nidderdale - Hollin Hill Mill with retting troughs.*
 09  Nidderdale - Foster Beck Mill and Wath Flax Mill.*
 10  Nidderdale - Smelthouses and other unsearched Mills.*
    * Checked


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