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Siberian Fur Trade


 Fur Trade in Nizhny Novogorod before 1906

Traditionally, Siberians hunted as a means of sustenance and only used the fur from animals they hunted and consumed for gloves and hats. The practice of hunting animals solely for fur began after the Russians came to Siberia. Sable quickly became the most valuable and popular type of Siberian fur, and still maintains the distinction to this day. The Siberian fur trade began in the sixteenth century, peaked in the seventeenth century, and continues to the present day. While sable has always been the most coveted fur from Siberia, the Siberian fur trade has included a large variety of animals pelts used for a variety of products, most frequently clothing. Some of the richest fur regions in Siberia are the Yakutsk, Kamchatka, and Okhotsk Peninsulas. The Stroganov family, wealthy merchant-capitalists with extensive resources and influence in Russia, played a significant role in developing Siberia's fur trade.[4][5] The Stroganovs owned several pieces of land in Siberia and made large profits trading with the natives for fur on these lands. The Stroganov family lead the way to fur trading in Siberia, which became both economically and culturally important to both Russia and Siberia


    Fur Trading Seals from Siberia .. and Canada


 5  9

Crown held aloft

by two arms.

Found in Wales.

Six identical fur trading seals at

4 GGAT 02/ 6 GGAT 09/

7 GGAT 10/ 8 GGAT 11/

9 GGAT 12/ 10 GGAT 13

  Although most inland seals are coming from Goritsy Village area and may be fur seals it is quite probable that seals from Siberia are definitely fur seals .. being identical to seals from Canada and Columbia ..  The Crown held aloft by two arms is atop the English Fishmonger's Company Crest (Stuart F Elton) who likely dealt in furs as well as fish.  The three sets of  numbers would seem to me to be dates ... 05-09-1811 and  (30)-12-1804  ... (possibly 1911/1904).


 (30)  12

Crown held aloft

by two arms.
Found in East Anglia


Colchester Club








Russian Double

Headed Eagle

ИРКУТСК / ЧАЙ / 1894
IRKUTSK / TEA / 1894

Russia , Siberia
(Tea for the fur trappers)
see MOC 10 on Moscow


Fur Seals from the North West Territories - Obverse:- NWT / Reverse :- a post number.

Although we have limited fur seals from Siberia we do have these Canadian fur seals - probably modern





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