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Identifying Lead Flax Seals



from 1829 (CПБ)


C.П.Б. means flax for all seals

   from the year 1829 onwards.

HoП.2 is Number Grade 2

A.Б (AB)  are the Agent initials

1829 is the date of inspection


Important:- SPB or CПБ does not mean the seal

came from St Petersburg Port. It means it is flax from

the Russian Empire and government tax has been paid.

The flax bale could have been shipped from Konigsberg, Kronstadt, Libnau, Memel, Narva, Pernau, Reval, Riga, Tilsit or maybe St Petersburg. All Bales from the port of

St Petersburg have StPB or CAHKT ПETEPБПOT.


 NP does not mean Narva Port. It means Customs tax has been paid on all the flax seals before 1829.


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Ged's Rules for Hemp Seals

Rule 1) For ПД = PD to be Penkovy Dosmotr (Hemp Inspector) on the obverse of a lead seal it must have SPB and a four letter hemp designation on the reverse (example ABRH, ABPH).

Rule 2) ПД = PD Penkovy Dosmotr (Hemp Inspector) on the obverse of a seal with a grading of  H._1,  H._2,  or  H._3 grade  on the reverse of the seal above the Agent initials is a hemp seal.

Note:  H._1,  H._2,  H._3 with SPB are all hemp seals but

HoП._1,  HoП._2, HoП._3, with CПБ or SPB are all flax seals.

Rule 3) Every seal with a star * on the obverse underneath the

 inspector name instead of a post number is a hemp seal.

Rule 4) For ПД = PD to be Penkovy Dosmotr (Hemp Inspector) on the obverse of SPB lead hemp seals it will be confirmed with

a four letter hemp designation ABRH or two letters, a number 1, 2 or 3 and a final letter (usually H or N) on the reverse.  AB1N

(Numbers 6, 9, 12 refer to flax seals .. AB6H, AB9H, AB12H)

Rule 5) ПИЛПД (PiLPD) seals were introduced from 1829 to

cater for hemp as the vast majority of  SPB and CПБ seals after 1829 are flax.  All the PiLPD with SPB or CПБ seals are hemp.

  PiLPD (ПИЛПД) = Penkovy i L'nyanoy Portovy Dosmotr

  = Hemp and Flax Port Inspector or "Dockside Inspectors."

Rule 6) Seals dated before 1829 with SPB or CПБ are hemp.



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Identifying Lead Hemp Seals



Early Rhine Hemp Seals


 SPB is used for hemp seals by

  all ports before the year 1829
 R:H = Rein (Rhine) Hemp.
 1747 =
the date of inspection.



   The Reverse of the seal is always blank

 Rhine hemp is written as MR (Marienburg Rakitzer) on

 paper but only as RH on the lead seals.




  There can be elaborate shapes in

 the form of ornate C or y shapes

 (these are not  letters) to either

 side of the initials RH on the obverse above the date.

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Identifying Lead Hemp Seals




before 1829 (SPB)


 First Line is Inspector Designation

 ПД = PD Hemp Inspector

 Second and third line is inspector name
 AПOBЬ = APOV (I.Sherapov)

 H31 is the post number.




 SPB was used for all hemp seals

 before 1829 by all Baltic ports.

 А.Ч =(A.Ch) initials of the Agent

 РН = Pass Hemp (Puik Heide)

          or Picked Tow.

1818 was the date of inspection